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We are now giving away one 12 month membership per week to the person who donates the best tip to the Savings Vault. Everyone can enter. If you are already a member you win an extra 12 months added on to your existing membership.

This week Frankie F has won 12 months membership to the Savings Vault with this great hint:

Don't waste coils to foil mosquitos!

We are saving an easy $75 a year keeping pesky mozzies away! Mosquitoes love our garden and we would routinely burn a whole mosquito coil each evening during summer while we enjoyed some time sitting outside. However, I realised one night that we were actually wasting most of the coil every night, as we would head inside and just leave it burning. On reading the pack I saw each coil lasted eight hours - this meant we were probably wasting around three quarters each night! So the next night, I just broke a piece off and lit it and forgot about it. We are now going through just one coil a week rather than seven! This is a saving of about $1.50 every week, or $75 a year, simply by looking at our habit and doing things a bit differently.

The best way to win a membership is to write helpful, interesting, unique and error free hints. You need to include how much money you saved, how you saved it, what you did and how much you paid. The more detail you provide the more likely you are to win a 12 month membership.

You do not have to answer all the questions to enter the competition. Each hint entered is judged separately. If you send 5 hints. They will be considered 5 separate entries. Which means you have a much higher chance of winning by entering one or two top quality hints than if you entered twenty brief, vague tips. Quality is everything!

If you do not have an answer to a question, or it does not apply to you, please leave it blank.

Thanks for giving it a go. Good luck!

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Instant entertaining

"Please help! I work really hard at sticking to our food budget so there are rarely treats or fancy food in my fridge. While this is fantastic for our budget, I am sometimes caught out when unexpected guests drop by and I really don't have anything 'nice' to give them (unless they are happy with frozen home-made biscuits or vegie sticks and mayonnaise!). I'd love some ideas for savoury, quick entertainers that I can keep stocked in the cupboard, freezer or long-term in the fridge so that I can serve something tasty for those 'pop-in' visitors. Does anyone have recipes or ideas?" - Karyn